The centre is organized within the framework of EU TEMPUS project CD_JEP-23082-2002 for the purpose of extending international scientific and academic cooperation of the University, developing new technologies in the field of Sustainable Forest Management and their introduction into the academic process and forestry industry, informational and analytical provision for educational, scientific and international activity of the University, implementing ideas of sustainable development in Povolzhye of Russia.

Major objectives and functions of the Centre

  • Developing infrastructure and favourable conditions for domestic and foreign investments in order to fulfill projects aimed at improving the quality of education and research in forestry of Povolzhye.
  • Increasing the level of informatization at the Forestry and Ecology Department, carrying out international projects, involving students and teachers in the international activity.
  • Creating new forms of cooperation between MarSTU and foreign partners, presenting the interests of the University in international organizations and funds, strengthening high educational position of Russia on the international market of educational services.
  • Researching the issues of biological productivity evaluation in forest stands, and of carbon pools on different vegetation levels, interpretation of digital remote sensing images.
  • MarSTU integration into Common European educational space within the Bologna agreements.
  • Assistance in holding international conferences, symposia, seminars, meetings.
  • Participation of the centre staff members in joint international projects within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol of carbon sequestration in forest stands of Povolzhye.
  • Preparation of candidate dissertations devoted to the problems of forests and global climate changes and Sustainable Forest Management, internships of foreign scientists, post-graduates, masters and approbation of new educational courses for Forestry and Ecology Department students of MarSTU.

Contact us:
424000, Russian Federation, Mari El republic, Yoshkar-Ola, Lenin prospect, 3. Mari State Technical University, Centre of Sustainable Forest Management
Phone: (8362)68-68-73