Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
This eCourse is designed for foresters, researchers, students, environmentalists, and policy makers. This introductory course raises awareness and shows the importance of precise estimations of carbon budget in forest sectors of boreal countries.

Target Audience: Foresters, researchers, students, environmentalists, and policy makers.
Time required: 90 mins.
Published: 1 September 2008
Author: Eldar Kurbanov

The study was supported by IGES and Lead international. The author also would like to thank IGESí Capacity Building and IPCC teams for their helpful comments and suggestions that improved the e-course.

This e-course was originally published by IGES in 2003
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course

1.1. Welcome
1.2. Why this example?
1.3. Aim of the study
1.4. Characteristics of the invetigated region
1.5. Components of carbon budget
1.6. Reflection 1
1.7. Reflection 2

Lesson 2: Methodology of the Estimations

2.1. General methodology
2.2. Main directions of the research
2.3. Sample plots
2.4. Regression analysis
2.5. Reflection 3
2.6. Stem biomass
2.7. Carbon in wood products
2.8. Life span of wood products
2.9. Scenario of wood products use

Lesson 3: Results and Criteria to Use

3.1. Result at pine stand level
3.2. Allocation of carbon in the components
of pine ecosystem

3.3. Carbon budget of the region
3.4. Carbon budget by pine age classes
3.5. Dynamics of carbon in pine wood products
3.6. Proportion of carbon in products of different lifespan
3.7. Carbon in pine stands, detritus (soils)
and products over 3 rotations

3.8. Equilibrium storage in pine stands
3.9. Reflection 4
3.10. Criterias for carbon sequestration
3.11. Resources and usefull links
3.12. Summary
3.13. Feedback