Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 2: Methodology
of the Estimations.

The research took place in the Volgo-Vyatski region of Russia.
Main directions of the research

In order to calculate the carbon budget the following research has been carried out:

- Composition of the tables of biological productivity on the base of experimental material from sample plots and regression equations of dependence of forest components with dendrometry indexes.
- Dynamics of carbon over one rotation in different components of the pine ecosystems.
- Evaluation of the main fluxes of carbon from pine ecosystems.
- Carbon in wood-based products during 100 years of use under different scenario of main and intermediate harvesting in the region.
- Carbon sequestration on the level of pine ecosystem in the Volgo-Vyatski region of Russia.
- Main criteria for the estimation of carbon in pine stands on long and short term perspectives.
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