Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 2: Methodology
of the Estimations.

Calculation of Carbon in wood products is based on these schemes:
- View scheme 1 - The use of pine timber in the Volgo-Vyatski region.
- View scheme 2 - Carbon remaining as sink in wood based products.
Lifespan of wood products

Calculation of Carbon in wood products is based on the schemes shown on the left.
This processes harvested timber converted into different products and follows them until they are removed from use and the carbon is released back to the atmosphere. Pine timber was divided into two categories - fire wood and round wood. These products were divided into three lifespan categories: short, medium; and long term. Short term lifespan products from pine wood include fire wood and mulch. Medium term lifespan products include fiberboard, particle board, furniture and some construction materials (windows, doors, etc.). Long term lifespan products are mainly in the construction industry and include houses and buildings. The lifespan of products was calculated according to Karjalainen (1996), and Row and Phelbs (1990):
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