Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 3: Results
and Criteria to Use

Allocation of carbon budget in pine stands of Volgo-Vyatski region under different age groups.
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Proportion of annual carbon sequestration in pine stands of different age in republics and oblasts of Volgo-Vyatski region.
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Carbon budget of the region

The proportion of different stocks of carbon varies with the age of the pine stands of the region.

The largest proportion of carbon is contained in young and middle aged stands. In these age groups the proportion of C stock reaches 127 M tC and 94 M tC (Fig. 23). In the immature stands the carbon budget is lower (40 M tC), but is still quite significant.

Predominance of young and middle age stands stipulates high sequestration abilities of the pine ecosystems in the region (Click to the left to view scheme 2).
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