Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 3: Results
and Criteria to Use

Dynamic of carbon in pine wood-based products on the base of four scenarios of harvesting and terminal use.
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*(Karjalainen et al., 1994; Pingoud et al., 2001; Harmon et al., 1996; Kurz et al., 1994).
Dynamics of carbon in pine wood products

Scenario of 1992 year harvesting. Pine wood used to manufacture the initial cohort of wood products contained 692.000 tC. After 100 years of use 175.000 tC was bound in the long-term products, which is 25% of the initial amount. During this time 383.000 tC was removed from use, 219.000tC was burnt and 164tC decayed on landfills.
Carbon in products under "terminal use" scenario. During this simulation the decay rate on landfills was higher (10%). Usually because of the conditions of different countries this rate varies from 0.5 to 2% year-1*. In our calculations the amount of carbon after 100 years was 40.000 tC (6% of initial).
The "average for 90s" shows the decrease in wood harvesting and processing during the last decade. In the beginning the amount of carbon was 481.000 tC. After 100 years use it was 122.000 tC.
The "Annual allowable cut" scenario is similar to the previous model. This variant might be used if there is economic improvement in the region and all "allowable cut" are harvested. In the beginning harvested wood contained 632.000 tC. In the end the long term products bound 120.000 tC.
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