Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 3: Results
and Criteria to Use

Total carbon dynamic during three rotations of pine stands in Volgo-Vysatski region.
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Equilibrium storage in pine stands

The sum of all these fluxes over a period of 240 years shows that carbon sequestration during this time is between 110-150 tC ha-1.

A considerable amount of carbon is bound in soils, which have a longer storage capacity pine trees. Each pool has long term average carbon (equilibrium) storage. In figs. 28-29 such storage is shown in red broken lines. This criterion clearly shows the capacity of forest ecosystems to sequester the carbon if not disturbed by fires and insects.

For the pine stands of class I site equilibrium storage reaches 33 tC ha-1, woody detritus and soils - 75 tC ha-1, the pool of wood based products - 28 tC ha-1, and the whole ecosystem - 136 tC ha-1. Allocation of carbon in equilibrium storage has the following percentages: 24% in pine stands, 56% in soils and woody detritus, and 20% in wood based products.
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