Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests.
Lesson 3: Results
and Criteria to Use

Criteria for estimation of the carbon sequestration in pine stands.
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Criterias for carbon sequestration

It is important to use different criteria during the estimation of carbon budget in forest ecosystems.

The application of only one criteria can overestimate the carbon sequestration by the ecosystem over the long term. For example, net carbon sequestration by the pine stand of a class I site in the end of rotation reaches 66 tC ha-1, whereas on the other hand equilibrium storage has only 33 tC ha-1.

Gross ecosystem production is always higher than net ecosystem productivity. Therefore while estimating the carbon budget in pine stands, we recommend using the following criteria: equilibrium storage over three rotations (tC ha-1) and budget of the ecosystem over certain period of the stand growth (tC ha-1).
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