EU project TEMPUS CD_JEP-23082-2002
"Promotion of sustainable forestry in Povolzhye"

International applied science seminar
"Global worming and forests of Povolgie"

Support for this seminar was provided by Lead International program "Leadership for environment and development".
Also seminar was supported by INTAS, grant for Young Scientists in the category Experienced PhD Fellowship for Eldar Kurbanov, No. YSF 00-7.

The aim of the seminar was to draw attention to the problem of "Forest and Global warming" among foresters, scientists, students and community. Discussed issues were touch upon a different aspects of the phenomena of Global Warning: forests of Povolgie, international joint implementation projects in forestry, sustainable forest management in India, different pools of carbon, role of NGO in forming environmental opinion of the society, social and economic questions and etc. To the international seminar "Forests of Povolgie and Global Warming" contributed scientists and foresters from Russia (Kursk, Samara, Ulan Ude, Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola, Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk), India, Ukraine and USA.